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ARCHITECTURAL WATERPROOFING COMPANY is India's emerging top quality & innovative manufacturing company in the field of waterproofing chemicals. In India there are many waterproofing companies but Architectural Waterproofing Company (AWC) offers more than waterproofing, we offer customer satisfaction. We manufacture a wide range of products that are used for application on different kinds of concrete structures & surfaces, with the main purpose of protecting them in any kind of climatic conditions by which all cracks and/or leakages plucked, even as it enhances the durability for the maximum number of years. With a world- class manufacturing unit, with exceptional process development & scale-up capabilities, we are the perfect partner for any custom projects. The key to our success is the eagerness to find solutions to our customer needs, always backed with a well- qualified team to assist.



ROOF & WALL is the most integral part of the structure. It has been seen the main cause of roof & wall leakage is due to wrong selection of protective coating on the surface, which leads to failure in base surface resulting in seepage and leakage. Our all roof & wall coatings are designed on sustainability which not only prevent leakage or seepage but enhances, LIFE OF THE STRUCTURE


Roof should not leak even if there is accumulation of water (Commonly associated with every roof) AWC ROOF COATINGS are the best solutions to such problems.


Expansion, contraction, climatic variation, poor workmanship & normal paints are major causes, leading to crack development on the vertical surface. And thus seepage and leakage occurs. Our all wall coatings are designed as a protective layer to vertical surfaces and gives an excellent result in harsh climatic conditions also.

Exclusive Products

Over the years we have been successful in developing the best R & D facilities which has helped us in developing various niche & custom made solutions. If you have a project which requires special attention, we will be the best partners for the project. KNOW MORE ABOUT CUSTOM MADE PRODUCT


  • “We have found AWC Waterproofing System very effective on various surfaces and it can be use in very innovative way in different pattern and colors , We have fully satisfied with AWC Waterproofing work and therefore we recommend AWC Product to many of our Clients”

    Architect Subodh Tari – Envirodesignes Pvt.Ltd.

  • “The Elastomeric Coating of AWC utilizes latest acrylic coatings and is the most effective system for structures in distress. AWC’s quality of for was satisfactory and there maintenance work is prompt and their team is professionally trained to carry out all types of waterproofing jobs and especially where other methods have failed , I recommend AWC waterproofing systems for any type of challenging waterproofing job”

    Niranjan S. Mehta – Chartered Engineer

  • “The works carried out by AWC are performing as per expectations and commitments; works were executed in time bound mannerly and systematically. We look forward awarding more projects to M/s AWC as manufacturer of specialized waterproofing chemicals and solutions”

    Imran N. Merchant – Director, Painterior (India) LLP.

  • “We are happy to recommend AWC to those who desire to utilize their expertise in Waterproofing, wishing AWC all success in their venture “

    A.K Basu – Vice President & Chairman, Daisylea Apartment Owners Association.

  • “We are pleased and satisfied with AWC service. The waterproofing work was carried out as per the scheduled time and their employees were diligent without causing any inconveniences , dealing with AWC’s boss and sub-ordinates was a pleasant experience “

    Fr.Allwyn Misquitta- Administratior, Don Bosco Borivali

  • “We are completely satisfied with the AWC waterproofing work undertaken and executed in a professional manner, we wish them all the very best for their future endeavors”

    Fr. Elson Baretto – Provincial Economer, Bombay Salesian Society

  • “Our experience with AWC shows them to be extremely professional in their approach; In addition, they have consistently delivered results on time bound basis and have displayed a high level of sincerity in performing the work assigned to them. We have no hesitation in recommending their professional waterproofing services; We wish them all the very best for their future project”

    Vinay Halambi – General Manager (Project)Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

  • “M/s AWC have given waterproofing treatment to Reactor Building at Kakarapur Atomic Power Station- Surat and Rajsthan, there is no complaint from the project authorities on the waterproofing system of AWC”

    SG Bapat - Retd. Chief (Civil Designs) NPCIL

  • “M/s AWC has been declared runner up of “CMDS” Annual Kakrapar Atomic Power Station Industrial Safety award in Group C - (Contractors Group) for maintaining excellent Industrial Safety Performance in their waterproofing work””

    J.R Kshatsuriya (Head, Ind. Safety and Fire)
    P.K Datta (Station Director)
    B.B Mitha (Chief Superintendent)      



Our Expertise & Knowledge: We have developed & improved our products with many years of applying the product, assessing the results, listening & interacting with our clients & vendors. Today we feel very proud to say we have developed products that very effective, competitive, complying with international standards and delivering results.

Our Products: We recognize each project of ours is different in nature. That’s why we make our products & service customized to our clients need.

Our Service:Our motto is to give the best service to our customer’s pre or post application. May be its an appreciation of doing a very good job or any challenge that has cropped in while the project is on a working stage, AWC TEAM WILL BE THERE TO FIND THE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

Our Business Ethics: We take pride in conducting our business with integrity. Whether its our esteemed client or our trusted vendor, the time we approach the job & till the time we complete the project we understand our responsibility very well and our commitment towards it is very focused.


Retention: We give high importance to retaining our customers. As this has helped us increase our business revenue and goodwill.


Our product applied on the roof / wall deflects the sun’s ray to reduce the heating of the roofs & walls. Because of which the exterior structure doesn’t pass the heat and the interior stays comparatively cool which mean lower energy consumptions and good MONEY SAVER.



Our Policy is to improve environmental quality through wise business decisions. These include conserving energy, reducing or eliminating waste, recycling & properly disposing of the remaining waste. We believe that our responsibility to prevent pollution is compatible with successful business objectives & improving our productivity, efficiency & materials handling. Our business is actively working to achieve and maintain green star standards and to be model for other business and our community.


All applicators are WELCOME in our ANNUAL APPLICATORS EDUCATION PROGRAM. Date and schedule will be announced soon.