Swift Plast

PRODUCT COMPOSITION: Swiftplast External Plaster is a high quality premixed plaster for plastering on brickworks, and concrete surfaces. It is a cement-based and water-resistant which can be used in exterior conditions. It is specially formulated for the replacement of conventional site-mixed cement/sand plaster as well as gypsum plaster. Swiftplast External plaster can also be used for patching concrete as well as a masonry joint mortar for bed thickness of 4 -10 mm. Swiftplast External plaster should not be used on painted surfaces.

HOW IT WORKS: Ensure the Plaster surfaces of bricks should be cured with water before one day of plastering and masonry joint should be properly filled and racked. Remove traces of foreign materials that may affect adhesion. Ensure that a Chicken mesh is provided at the junction of concrete surfaces and bricks walls. On concrete surfaces, it is recommended that cement slurry should be used before plastering for better adhesion.


  • Formulated to comply with European Standard, British Standard and US Standard
  • Single Component with fixed mixing proportion to ensure the quality of work
  • Shrinkage compensated to reduce the shrinkage cracks
  • Suitable for tiling with receiving Swiftplast TILE FIX AND TILE GROUT series products
  • After polishing, suitable for painting with receiving Swiftplast SKIM COAT series products
  • Compatible to cementations waterproofing materials Swiftplast WP SLURRY

Technical Data Sheet