Don’t let roof waterproofing hinder your growth in life

How AWC roof waterproofing & terrace waterproofing solutions help you succeed in life?

Imagine you are celebrating a recent achievement in your life. To celebrate this joyous occasion, you have called your close family and friends to join you.

Just when your guests have arrived and all are having a good time, someone notices a dark patch in one of the corners of your ceiling. He doesn’t say anything, but you do notice that their gaze is not something to be proud of! Even though no one has said anything to you, deep inside your heart, you are constantly reminded of that gaze and the fact that you need to urgently go for roof waterproofing. 

Thereafter every day you keep thinking “what on earth did you do wrong to deserve that water seepage?”

Is this a story that plays in your mind too?

If yes, then you are not alone! Water leakage from roofs and ceilings is a very common problem, especially in a tropical country like India. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the rain falling on your structure. But, you can surely undertake a roof waterproofing or a terrace waterproofing activity which will make sure that the rain gods do not cause any leakage in your structure.

But before implementing any roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing solution, it is important to know why a roof leaks in the first place. 

What causes the leak?

The main cause of leaks in any structure is the formation of hairline cracks either during the building stage or during the utility phase. This could be due to a variety of reasons:

  • Use of substandard construction material
  • Low or no use of waterproofing chemicals during the construction phase.
  • Adopting incorrect construction practices.
  • Not using any roof waterproofing chemicals or terrace waterproofing solutions after taking possession of a property when you are unsure of the quality of construction.
  • Inadequate maintenance of the structure.  

While this is not a comprehensive list of reasons, the answer to your predicament lies in one of the following – roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing.

How to prevent leakage with roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing solutions?

Roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing chemicals fill up the cracks and form an impermeable barrier on the structure that disallows the water to seep through. When applied by an experienced waterproofing contractor, this barrier can last for a considerably longer period and keep the structure seepage-free!

What should the owner do if they notice any seepage?

Normally, seepage does not happen overnight. It takes a long time for the water to seep through cracks and then penetrate inside. However, many reasons exacerbate this process.

But no matter what, a roof waterproofing or a terrace waterproofing activity must always be entrusted to an experienced waterproofing contractor only who uses the best quality who uses best quality waterproofing chemicals and also the best workmanship to obtain the best results.

For instance, AWC is known as one of the best waterproofing contractors in Mumbai and is emerging as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of best quality waterproofing chemicals in the country.  

Why is AWC considered one of the best waterproofing contractors?

Architectural Waterproofing Corporation (AWC) is one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of waterproofing chemicals in the country. With a combination of world-class waterproofing chemicals and a trained team of waterproofing contractors in Mumbai and across the country, AWC provides the best solution to achieve roof waterproofing and terrace waterproofing.

The trained experts of AWC conduct a thorough study to understand the reason behind the leakage. Thereafter, the utility of the surface is considered. Once the study is complete and the utility of the surface is known, a suitable roof waterproofing solution is recommended.

Solutions could be in the form of using waterproofing chemical products like AWC Roof-540, Roof-300, or Roof-200.

Every AWC product is suitable for a particular surface and specific surface use. For instance, Roof-500 is suitable when the roof is exposed to direct UV radiation of the sun and other elements which increases the chance of algae and mildew.

On the other hand, Roof-300 is recommended when the top coat is likely to be painted with some colour, whereas Roof-250 is recommended at places where waterproofing is required for a shorter duration of time. 

While the surface condition, usage and top coat colour do influence the choice of the product being used, the quality of service rendered by the waterproofing contractor is always top-class. That is because AWC regularly conducts training programs for every applicator. There the applicator is trained to identify the root cause of leakage, know the customer’s requirements, suggest a suitable roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing solution and even execute the entire job flawlessly!

Since the applicators are trained directly by AWC experts, customers can be assured of a top-quality job.

So the next time you notice seepage or a dark spot on your roof or ceiling, don’t feel bad! Instead, simply get in touch with AWC and nip the problem in the bud with the world-class roof waterproofing and terrace waterproofing solutions from AWC!

With AWC you can be assured that your guests keep coming back and you keep achieving new heights in your life!

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