Cool Roof

1st in India to manufacture a truly cool roof and sustainable wall coating system… There are many players who claim themselves manufacturer of cool roof technology but are they really in to it….? Let’s understand: What is a "Cool Roof"? "A cool roof reflects and emits the sun's heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below. "Coolness" is measured by two properties, solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Both properties are measured from 0 to 1 and the higher the value, the "cooler" the roof." Cool roof coatings will have highest grade of dirt pick resistance, will never turn yellowish, will never break down due to heat exposure, will always perform as an pure heat reflective coating and if applied as an system to roof will remain on the surface forever. Just having white in color that does not mean a heat reflective cool roof coating.

What are the Benefits of having a Cool Roof?

Nothing damages your roof more than the sun. Intense heat and UV rays are the leading cause of blistering, splitting and decay of traditional roofs; and that means your roof can't keep out the rain and again you are up to a point to replace your roof. Cool Roof Systems and roofing materials help prevent sun-related damage, make your roofs last longer, and reduce cooling and life-cycle costs and maintenance cost and most important cool roof system should be 100% waterproof just white coating will never help it should be a system.

We need a system which reflects more and more heat than the same is benefited to us by saving our electric consumption, and routine maintenance cost and saving our ever diminishing land fill space [Dumping Ground] these cycles can be prevented.

  • Some more hard core benefits of cool roof products.
  • Significantly reduces energy costs related to cooling a building.
  • Energy represents 30% of the typical office building's costs and is a property's single.
  • largest operating expense. ( website).
  • Lower ambient temperatures - helps reduce "Urban Heat Island Effect".
  • Lower internal building temperatures, resulting in improved occupant comfort.
  • Comply with codes and green building programs.


What is the CRRC?

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is an independent, non-profit organization that maintains a third-party rating system for radioactive properties of roof surfacing materials. The CRRC's Rated Products Directory is updated weekly and lists a product's Thermal Emissivity, Solar Reflectance, and SRI value.

Myth : Cool Roofs are only beneficial to buildings in warm climates.

Fact : Many cities in country having cool climate have adopted Cool Roof legislation to reap the benefits that Cool Roofing can offer both building owners and occupants. Most important cool roof are not meant for winter or summer they more a protective layers to your roof protecting it from many climatic changes. 

Myth : A "Cool Roof" is great during the summer, but will increase my heating bill in the winter. 

Fact : The roof is an insignificant source for heat gain in winter.  While Cool Roof owners may pay slightly more to heat their homes, this amount is usuallyinsignificant compared to the cooling energy savings during the summer. Why? 
In the wintertime, the sun is much lower in the sky and less intense.  (Passive solar heating usually occurs from sunshine streaming through windows this time of year). 

Myth: IN A POLLUTED CLIMATE LIKE INDIA COOL ROOF DOESNOT WORK. Reason all the time its covered with dust and turn yellowish so reflectance goes.

Fact : The Most satisfying answer to this myth is while selecting the roof system you should draw down the criteria for selecting the system, which should be: what kind of the system company offer weather it's a system or just a coating, It's been certified by any laboratory for its long term durability, do they have proven record of their claim of the product. Does coating have dirt pick up advantage. If coating passed to this criteria then its regardless to worry for polluted climate it will remain white throughout the life just maintain it time on time.