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PRODUCT COMPOSITION:Tuff Coat is a high quality water-based acrylic finish system, incorporating an epoxy of additive to increase the abrasion resistance properties of the film. Special spherical silica sand is suspended in the emulsion which provides a fine uniform texture result. The silica can be eliminated for projects requiring a smooth finish.

HOW IT WORKS: TUFF COAT was specifically developed for use over concrete, masonry, stucco, plaster and asphalt surfaces where a durable colored coating is required. It is designed to resist abrasion, weathering and moisture degradation on the roof or wall. It can be applied on recreational courts, walkways, pool decks, tennis courts, patio decks and floors. It can also be applied as a fine texture, weather resistant colored finish on vertical surfaces such as building exteriors, highway bridge structures, median barriers, retaining walls and noise abatement walls. It can be an advantage if applied over ROOF 540 system as a indicator of walkways, service areas & also prevents skidding.


PRODUCT COMPOSITION: CLEAR COAT is a water-based, penetrating sealer designed to produce a clear, semi-gloss surface sheen. It is manufactured from non-yellowing, advanced acrylic resins to form a durable finish that provides long-term water-repellency, increased dirt pick-up resistance, weather protection, and moderate graffiti resistance.

CLEAR COAT’s low viscosity allows it to “wet in” and lock into the substrate. It will allow moisture vapor to escape from the building interior, yet provides excellent damp proofing characteristics on the exterior. The appearance will remain uniform, eliminating any blotchiness from water staining, even after years of service.

HOW IT WORKS: CLEAR COAT was specifically developed as a penetrating sealer for use over properly prepared smooth or textured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, stone or stucco surfaces where a semi-gloss sheen is desired. It also has the durability required for use over exposed aggregate and other surfaces on vertical or horizontal applications.

CLEAR COAT imparts a slick, semi-gloss film over a variety of substrates, providing for increased dirt pick-up resistance and easier graffiti removal. It can be used as a topcoat over numerous types of new or existing finishes on roofs, walls and decks to provide additional sheen and/or ease of clean ability. It is also effective in rejuvenating aged and/or oxidized skylights.


PRODUCT COMPOSITION: Swiftplast External Plaster is a high quality premixed plaster for plastering on brickworks, and concrete surfaces. It is a cement-based and water-resistant which can be used in exterior conditions. It is specially formulated for the replacement of conventional site-mixed cement/sand plaster as well as gypsum plaster. Swiftplast External plaster can also be used for patching concrete as well as a masonry joint mortar for bed thickness of 4 -10 mm. Swiftplast External plaster should not be used on painted surfaces.

HOW IT WORKS: Ensure the Plaster surfaces of bricks should be cured with water before one day of plastering and masonry joint should be properly filled and racked. Remove traces of foreign materials that may affect adhesion. Ensure that a Chicken mesh is provided at the junction of concrete surfaces and bricks walls. On concrete surfaces, it is recommended that cement slurry should be used before plastering for better adhesion.