Other Exclusive/Special Waterproofing solutions

AWC is also an expert in complementing chemical waterproofing products. These products find immediate uses in exclusive / special applications besides roof waterproofing, terrace waterproofing and external waterproofing. For best results, such products must be used along with AWC Roof & Terrace Waterproofing solutions and Exterior Wall waterproofing solutions.

Exclusive Products


PRODUCT COMPOSITION: AWC Tuff Coat is a high quality water-based acrylic finish designed for external wall waterproofing. It includes an epoxy additive which increases the abrasion resistance of the applied film. To create a smooth surface finish, special spherical silica sand can be added to the AWC Tuff Coat. By adding silica sand to the emulsion, the resultant mixture creates a fine uniform textured smooth surface which makes is useful for waterproofing of wall.

How does AWC Tuff Coat work?
AWC Tuff Coat is a exterior wall waterproofing solutions designed specifically to create durable coloured surfaces over concrete, masonry, stucco, plaster or asphalted surfaces. It is highly abrasion resistant, can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and prevents degradation of walls or roofs due to moisture seepage.

Applications of AWC Tuff Coat:

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PRODUCT COMPOSITION: AWC Clear Coat is a water-based, penetrating sealer designed to produce a clear, semi-gloss surface sheen and is an important component of the exterior wall waterproofing solution. AWC Clear Coat is manufactured using advanced acrylic resins that are non-yellowing and provide a durable, long-lasting water-repellent finish. It even has a very high dirt pick-up resistance, offers good weather protection and is also moderately graffiti resistant. A unique advantage of AWC Clear Coat is its low viscosity which allows it to “wet in” and lock into the substrate. This allows the moisture and vapour trapped in the interior to escape but prevents the entry of external moisture. Besides waterproofing of walls, AWC Clear Coat also provides a uniform appearance for years by eliminating the possibility of blotch creation due to water staining.

How does AWC Clear Coat work?
AWC Clear Coat is designed as a penetrating sealer to be used over prepared smooth or textured surfaces, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, stone or stucco surfaces or surfaces where semi-gloss sheen is required. It even creates a long-lasting durable surface that is ideal for exposed aggregate and vertical or horizontal prepared surfaces.
AWC Clear Coat forms a smooth, semi-glossy surface over a wide range of substrates and offers superior dirt pick-up resistance and easier graffiti removal.

Applications of AWC Clear Coat

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PRODUCT COMPOSITION: AWC SWIFTPLAST External Plaster is an international grade premixed plaster to be applied on brick masonry and concrete surfaces. It is a cement-based plaster and highly water resistant which makes it ideal to be used for external wall waterproofing. Its special formulation and consistent composition make it a preferred replacement over the conventional site-mixed cement/sand plaster and gypsum plasters. AWC SWIFTPLAST External Plaster can also be used for patching a concrete or masonry joint mortar for bed thickness ranging between 4 -10 mm. However, AWC SWIFTPLAST External Plaster is not recommended to be used on painted surfaces.

How does AWC SWIFTPLAST External Plaster work?
Make sure that the brick wall plaster is cured with water the previous day. This aids in waterproofing of wall. Also ensure that all masonry joints are properly filled and racked. Remove the traces of any foreign material as this may impact the adhesion. Provide a Chicken mesh at the junction of concrete surfaces and brick walls. When applying over concrete surfaces, the use of cement slurry is highly recommended for superior adhesion.

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