External Walls protect the structure and sometimes even take the load of the entire structure. AWC Wall care products provide excellent external wall waterproofing solutions to make sure that they remain seepage free and continue to support the structure throughout their lifespan.

Wall Section

PRODUCT COMPOSITION: AWC Wall Mate is a fluid applied advanced acrylic elastomeric compound that is specifically designed to waterproof external walls and other vertical surfaces. It comes with excellent adhesion qualities to a wide variety of substrates.

How does Wall Mate work?
Every external surface is exposed to UV radiation from the sun which tends to break the cross-linkages and bonds on the surface coating. This leads to creation of cracks from where water seeps in. Wall Mate works in two ways. First, the ingredients used in making Wall Mate can easily withstand UV radiation by forming strong and permanent elastomeric bonds thus preventing the formation of cracks. Secondly, Wall Mate creates a breathable membrane that allows the moisture trapped in the wall to be expelled to the atmosphere, but prevents external moisture from seeping in. Not just this, Wall Mate eliminates the use of a separate coating to repel dirt, mildew, algae etc. Also, since Wall Mate does not contain any plasticizers, it does not harden or slump with age or changes in atmospheric conditions.

Product Features & Highlights

PRODUCT COMPOSITION: AWC Elastic is a system of fluid-applied, advanced acrylic elastomeric compounds designed for waterproofing exterior vertical surfaces. Due to its excellent adhesive properties, AWC Elastic can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces. Its superior composition makes it highly elastomeric and flexible thus enabling it to fill up all cracks present today and also those which are likely to develop in the future. This helps AWC Elastic to create a smooth surface which also acts as a waterproofing barrier for most masonry surfaces.

How does AWC Elastic work?
In any exterior wall, masonry and stucco surfaces are prone to develop hairline cracks over time thus allowing water to seep through. The carefully formulated composition of AWC Elastic forms an elastomeric surface which fills up these gaps and prevents new ones from developing thus blocking the entry of water permanently. Additionally, any colour can be added to AWC Elastic to enhance the aesthetics of the wall surface.

Product Features & Highlights