How waterproofing return homeliness to homes – Waterproof Exterior Wall Paints

It is often said that constructing a house is very easy, but making a home is very difficult.
That is because a house is just a structure with four walls and a roof. But a home is much
more than the mandatory 4 walls and the roof. It must provide the occupants with safety,
health and above all peace of mind! Only then does a house become a home.
But can a structure continue to remain a home forever? Well, as long as the occupants feel
safe, enjoy good health and experience peace, a house continues to remain home. But for
some reason if the safety, health and peace of the home are disturbed, then corrective
steps must be taken to restore them or else, the homeliness could be lost forever!
That responsibility falls on the outer walls and the roof of the structure. Hence it is
important to make sure that the vertical walls and the roof remain strong throughout the
life of the structure. Also, as the weight of the roof falls on the outer vertical walls, it is
important to take good care of the walls not just during the construction phase, but also
after the structure is occupied. One of the biggest enemies of the vertical external walls is
water. While water is essential for curing the plaster during the construction phase,
excessive water on the wall can cause problems in later life.
Why is waterproofing of walls required?
Every concrete structure is prone to develop cracks, some of which start getting formed
during the construction phase itself. While the formation of such microscopic cracks cannot
be eliminated, they could be minimised by using suitable wall waterproofing techniques and
additives at the construction stage itself. But sometimes, if suitable waterproofing chemicals
for walls are not used during the construction phase or if the waterproof paint for outside
walls is not applied during regular maintenance, then there is a high chance that these
microscopic cracks may widen. Over time, they may become big enough to allow water to
seep through making waterproofing of walls an essential maintenance activity.
A seeping wall is not a sign of a porous and weakening structure alone, but it is also an
invitation to the poor health of the occupants inside. A damp or moist wall easily attracts
fungi and algae of different varieties which is not good for the well-being of the occupants
inside. Prolonged exposure to such damp walls and hence the fungi & algae can cause some
serious health issues for the occupants thus disturbing the peace of the home.
Are waterproof paints for the outside wall effective?
Earlier there were no or very ineffective solutions available for wall waterproofing. But with
the arrival of companies like AWC, new superior and far more effective solutions like
waterproof exterior wall paints were introduced in the market. These waterproof paints for
outside walls are easy to apply, long-lasting, require normal post-application maintenance
and even retain the aesthetics of the wall.
How should a waterproof exterior wall paint job be done?
The first activity is to appoint an expert waterproofing contractor who is knowledgeable and
also has expertise in applying these waterproofing exterior wall paints. As the first step, the
waterproofing contractor would identify the cause of seepage. These could be in the form of
a leaking water pipeline, microscopic cracks which have widened, cracks due to creeper or
plant growth, inferior workmanship or even the use of sub-standard waterproofing
chemicals for the wall during the construction phase.

Once the root cause is identified, the wall waterproofing expert would undertake the
necessary activity to eliminate it. Thereafter, as the final activity, the wall waterproofing
contractor would apply specialised waterproofing paints for outside walls like AWC Wall-
Mate or AWC Elastic depending on the wall usage and other parameters.
Are all waterproofing exterior wall paints the same?
The type of waterproofing paint for outside walls depends on many factors. Some of the
factors are the likelihood of recurrence of the cause of seepage, exposure to natural
elements like rain, periodicity of maintenance of the wall and aesthetics of the wall.
Depending on these factors, the wall waterproofing expert may suggest the type of
waterproofing chemical that can give the best result.
What are the different varieties of waterproofing exterior wall paints?
If the wall has cement plastered surface or has masonry, wood or even hardboard surface
underneath, then it is advisable to go for AWC Wall-Mate. That is because AWC Wall-Mate
not only fills up the cracks in the repaired area but also prevents the formation of new ones.
Due to its advanced acrylic elastomeric compound composition, AWC Wall-Mate not only
has strong & long-lasting adhesion with the surface underneath but also forms an
elastomeric bond which can easily withstand minor vibrations and movements without
forming any cracks. AWC Wall-Mate creates a breathable membrane which allows inside
moisture to be released into the atmosphere, but prevents outside moisture to seep in. It
even forms a sheet which repels dirt and prevents the growth of fungi, algae and mildew.
AWC Wall-Mate is available in smooth as well as textured finish to suit the aesthetics of the
external wall.
If the wall is cement plastered or has a masonry surface underneath, then the preferred
product could be AWC Elastic. Made using acrylic elastomeric compounds, AWC Elastic
forms an elastomeric sheet on the surface which fills up cracks and prevents their
recurrence. AWC Elastic is available in matt as well as lustre finish so that the aesthetic
beauty of the wall can remain intact. Also, coloured pigments can be added to colour the
wall to enhance its aesthetic value.
How to choose the right waterproofing paint for outside walls?
In the last few years, the technology behind creating waterproofing paint for outside walls
has undergone a sea change. Specialist wall waterproofing companies like AWC have
emerged which have taken the products to a new level. Not only does AWC produce world-
class waterproofing exterior wall paints, but also trains wall waterproofing contractors by
introducing them to the best international application techniques and workmanship
practices. Hence, if you are searching for waterproofing painted walls or are looking for
long-lasting and effective waterproofing exterior wall paint or even a wall waterproofing
expert, then you must approach experts like AWC.
AWC has a reputation for not only returning the homeliness of a home but also maintaining
it that way for years to come.

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