AWC Roof waterproofing and Terrace Waterproofing solutions give your roof and terrace the best care it deserves. AWC roof waterproofing and terrace Waterproofing solutions not just prevent seepage and protect them from weather induced degradation but our exterior wall waterproofing solutions also attempt keep the interiors cooler thus saving you on energy consumption too! AWC roof waterproofing price also turns out quite economical in the long run when compared to the prospect of benefits provided by our products.

Roof Section


Product Composition: Roof-540 is the newest development in water based chemical waterproofing and waterproofing treatment for roof. It is created using the latest acrylic technology that helps it form a tough high solid elastomer coating. 100% acrylic resins of the best quality are added to reinforcing laminar pigments which make Roof-540 a very effective biocide and a non-migrating fire retardant. Also, these give Roof-540 its famous superior durability, making it an excellent roof waterproofing, and terrace waterproofing solution that has high resistance to UV radiation besides being resistant to algae, mildew and fires.

How does Roof-540 work?: Roof-540 contains top quality terrace waterproofing chemicals which create a protective coating that is highly reflective and permanently flexible. This advanced terrace waterproofing solution creates a unique ‘breathing’ membrane which allows moisture from the substrate or the building structure to escape but does not allow external moisture to pass through. Roof-540 is also available as a high-tensile strength terrace leakage solution and is ideal for roof areas that experience heavy maintenance traffic, severe weather conditions or even exposure to chemicals etc. Another version is a ‘quick-set’ version where faster resistance to moisture is required like in case of water tanks etc. and is the latest in chemical waterproofing and waterproofing for terrace.

Variants available: Roof-540 is available in two variants – Base Coat and Top Coat for ease of application.



SRI Test



  • initial solar reflection -083

  •  Initial thermal Emissivity -0.92

  •  SRI  -105 

     Product ID





  • ADHESION -7.28 POUNDS (3.54 kG)

  • COHESION  -3.30 POUNDS (1.50 KG)

    Product ID 4824042015

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PRODUCT COMPOSITION: AWC Roof-300 is ideal chemical waterproofing solution when the topcoat is likely to have a coat of coloured roof paint. AWC Roof-300 does not interfere with the colour of the roof paint, thus helping in retaining the aesthetics of the structure. Similar to AWC Roof-540, AWC Roof-300 is also made using the latest acrylic technology that helps it form a tough high solid elastomer coating and is fully water-based terrace waterproofing paint. Best quality terrace waterproofing chemicals like acrylic resins are mixed with epoxy additives which together reinforce the laminar pigments to make AWC Roof-300. While the Epoxy additives increase the abrasion resistance, the special spherical Silica sand suspended in the emulsion helps in creating a fine uniform texture. Silica sand can be added or removed depending on the surface smoothness requirements.

How does Roof-300 work?
AWC Roof-300 is an ideal top coat in chemical waterproofing for coloured horizontal concrete and asphalt surfaces. When completed, AWC Roof-300 creates a satin sheen finish which makes the surface very attractive to look at and with high aesthetic value. Besides its excellent aesthetic appeal, AWC Roof-300 is also a highly weather resistant terrace leakage solution. Though Roof-300 is an ideal waterproof paint for terrace, it also finds application on vertical surfaces like building exteriors, highway bridge structures, median barriers, retaining walls, noise abatement walls, etc. making it an ideal roof waterproofing solution for a country like India.

Variants available
AWC Roof-300 is available in two variants – one for exposed surfaces and the other for covered applications.

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Product Composition: AWC Roof-250 is an ideal roof waterproofing solution where the waterproofing requirement is for a shorter duration of time. AWC Roof-250 consists of two parts – Part A & Part B and its application differs depending upon whether the surface is exposed to the elements or is covered.

Roof-250 is a water based chemical waterproofing solution that contains Fabmatt which is known for its abrasion resistance. Special spherical Silica sand can be added to achieve a smooth finish. For textured finish, the sand need not be added.

A combination of AWC Roof-250 and Tuff Coat creates an ideal waterproofing paint for terrace which provides a long-lasting coloured surface for horizontal concrete and for asphalt surfaces. Additionally, AWC Roof-250 gives a satin sheen to the surfaces which not just smoothens out the unevenness of texture but also minimizes the colour variations on different concrete surfaces making it a preferred roof waterproofing paint for roof.

How does Roof-250 work?
Roof-250 is a value for money roof waterproofing solution with international quality. Depending upon its usage, Roof-250 is available in two versions – one for exposed surfaces and the other for covered surfaces. It is a water based chemical waterproofing solution and comes in two parts – AWC Roof-250 Part A and Part B.

For Exposed Surfaces :
Roof-250 Part A & Part B must be mixed thoroughly and applied uniformly by experienced waterproofing contractors on the required surface. The chemical waterproofing mixture gives a coverage of about 200 to 250 sqft for a 20Kg pail depending upon the quality of surface preparation. To increase the abrasion resistance or for adding colour to this terrace waterproofing solution, Tuff Coat can be applied on this finished surface.

For Covered Areas:
Mix Part A & Part B thoroughly. Then add an equal amount of water to dilute this mixture of terrace leakage solution. Diluting doubles the surface area covered to 400-450 Sq ft. After the first coat of this terrace waterproofing solution has dried out, apply a second coat of the mixture of Part A & Part B without diluting it with water. Once it dries, a variety of top coats like PCC, RCC, Pavers, Stamped Concrete or even Tiles could be laid over it.

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