Everything you need to be aware of about Terrace Waterproofing!

In the past several years, urban areas have expanded rapidly, not only horizontally as well as vertically! Today, multi-story homes are now commonplace instead of being an exception. In some instances, it is said that the demand for these apartments is so huge that the majority of them sell within days of their launch!

Many customers prefer the higher floors because of the stunning views of the skyline offered. However, frequently it is observed that the highest floor with the most stunning views is usually sold late. This isn’t due to an extra cost for the apartments, but due to an anxiety factor that is present in potential buyers’ minds.

Many buyers are concerned that terrace waterproofing might not be sufficient and, sooner or later, they’ll experience a leakage issue. So, they’d rather opt for the final floor! This type of buyer attitude is evident in instances where the reputation of the developer is in doubt.

What is the reason roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing is so important?

Roof waterproofing, also known as terrace waterproofing, plays a crucial role in the buyer’s decision-making process. This is because it’s difficult to stop the seepage after it begins to develop. In addition, terrace waterproofing has to be dealt with in the beginning, otherwise, it could cause more than just health issues, but could also ruin the aesthetics of the building, in addition to rendering it weaker over a long time.

What causes terraces to get leak?

A terrace or roof is a crucial part of any construction. Its main purpose is to shield the people living there from elements, while also being visually appealing to the eye. In the building phase itself, or in the course of time the structure is damaged, cracks appear within the structure. There are a myriad of reasons and the most prominent are the use of inferior chemicals for waterproofing the terrace or inadequate craftsmanship in the building phase or poor maintenance once the structure has been installed.

Risk Of Leakage

As previously mentioned, the risk of leakage is greatly reduced or eliminated by taking control of these three elements:

Utilizing the highest high-end terrace waterproofing chemicals

If the quality of the terrace waterproofing chemicals or roof waterproofing solutions used during the construction phase itself is excellent, then the risk of leakage is removed completely or decreased to the lowest extent. If these chemicals for waterproofing the terrace are added to concrete, they prevent cracks that form as the concrete is curing. High-quality terrace waterproofing chemicals will keep this waterproofing capacity for a long time during many seasons.

High-quality workmanship

Using good quality soil waterproofing chemicals or implementing top quality products for leakage on the terrace will not suffice if the people applying them also perform their job well! It’s the skill of the applicators to determine whether the task is done properly or not. The waterproofing contractors on terraces have to possess an amount of knowledge prior to tackling this important task.

The quality of post-construction maintenance

When the structure is given to the public for use, the level of maintenance plays an important role in determining the possibility of leaking. For instance when algae or even small plant species are permitted to grow, or when the surface of the roof or terrace is damaged due to some reason, but it is not repaired in a timely manner, the risk of leaking increases. Thus, care should be taken to keep the roof or terrace free of any fungi, algae, or even vegetation and to ensure that it is properly repaired if it becomes damaged for any reason.

What should you do If the terrace or roof has begun to leak?

Stopping leaks must be considered an urgent task. Because a leaky roof is not only unhealthy for the people living there, but could pose a risk to the structural integrity of the structure in the future! The steps below must be taken to repair roof waterproofing and terrace waterproofing.

  • Determine the cause of the leakage:
    This could be among the most challenging of jobs, yet it’s also the most crucial of all. Once the cause of the problem is discovered then a suitable roof waterproofing or terrace solution is able to be implemented.
  • Find a reputable waterproofing contractor for your terrace:
    A seasoned waterproofing professional can complete the job right by finding the source of leakage selecting a reliable roof waterproofing system or a terrace waterproofing solution as well as providing the finest work to finish the task.
  • Keep the structure in place after the completion:
    When the roof waterproofing product or the solution for terrace waterproofing has been installed, the structure has to be maintained to ensure that residents enjoy an unrestricted experience.

One of the most reputable roof waterproofing contractors and an extremely sought-after contractor for terrace waterproofing located in Mumbai, Architectural Waterproofing Corporation (AWC) is in top of the line in providing lasting roof waterproofing and innovative solutions for leakage in terraces in India. AWC is renowned for producing the highest-quality products for terrace waterproofing at its modern manufacturing facilities to produce highly rated products for repairing leaks in the terrace. AWC is also renowned for bringing in many of the most well-known experts in manufacturing facilities and instructing a team of contractors for waterproofing terraces across the nation.

Controlling the quality of two levels (terrace waterproofing chemicals as well as contractors for terrace waterproofing), AWC can provide long-lasting roof waterproofing and solution for terrace waterproofing.

If you’re considering an apartment with a top floor that will provide stunning panoramic views over the city it is imperative to call AWC to ensure that you are not flooded during your stay. However, If you’re having issues, make sure you seek the assistance of AWC to stop the water leakage from your roof or terrace completely!

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