All-Weather External Wall Waterproofing Solution

A tough external wall waterproofing solution design to resist abrasion, withstand weathering and prevent moisture seepage.


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External Wall Waterproofing Solutions

Introducing AWC Wall Protection Products for external wall waterproofing and painting : The Best Solution for Protecting Vertical Surfaces

Cracks in walls can cause water damage and weaken the structure. That's why AWC offers top-quality Wall Protection products that prevent cracks and keep your walls safe. Our products are made with high-quality materials to work well in all types of weather.

Experience the Best Waterproofing for your External Walls with AWC Wall Care products. Our solutions are designed to keep your walls dry and strong, so they can support your building for a long time. Meet WALL MATE: An advanced coating made to waterproof external walls. WALL MATE creates a strong barrier that stops cracks from forming when the sun shines on your walls. It also lets moisture inside the walls escape while keeping external water out. WALL MATE stays flexible and won't get hard or brittle.

WALL MATE is great because it covers existing cracks and works on different surfaces like concrete, wood, and more. It's safe for the environment and has a long-lasting effect. Choose from a smooth or textured finish for your walls.

External Waterproofing And Painting With AWC-WALLMATE

  • AWC Wallmate

    AWC Wallmate a fluid-applied, advanced acrylic elastomeric system designed for external waterproofing and painting of vertical surfaces.

  • Superior Composition

    Its superior composition makes it highly elastomeric and flexible, enabling it to fill up cracks and prevent new ones from developing.

  • UV Resistant

    AWC WALLMATE is resistant to UV radiation and can be colored to suit different aesthetics, available in both glossy/luster and matt finish.

  • Non-Toxic

    It is easy to apply, non-toxic, and meets all prevailing VOC norms, making it safe to work with.

  • Non-Flammable

    AWC WALLMATE does not have any petroleum-based ingredients, is lead-free, and non-flammable.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

    Helps in lowering the annual roof maintenance costs of the concrete structure.

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What Our Client's Say?

Sohil KothariSohil Kothari
13:07 05 Dec 22
Firoz and his team are knowledgable and professional. They have done good quality, reliable water proofing work for our factory building. I would recommend them for all building exterior and waterproofing projects.
Sonya KhanSonya Khan
16:27 01 Jul 22
AWC deserves five star twice over. I live in one of those old buildings that had terrible leakage from the chajja outside for decades. ! It was a small job for AWC but they took it on ! They have done a great job !!! Mr Feroz the owner / director remains personally committed and involved. I have spent SO much money on all kinds of waterproofing con jobs over the years. This is the first time I am really pleased.they are expensive. But you over the years I have spent three times more on con jobs of companies and people claiming they could help. They are worth every paise !! I have fully paid for the services and this is a genuine and independent review . So far , no one better than them !!!!!!
kishorekumar Ravikishorekumar Ravi
23:57 04 Mar 22
I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent work put up by the workers of AWC. AWC performed professionally with good onsite project management skills. During the course of the project, they maintained highest standards of quality, professionalism, safety and cleanliness. They strived to complete quality work by set deadline.
Nitin KothariNitin Kothari
14:08 18 Oct 21
AWC has been perfect in all ways in dealing with their responsibility of work. They have highly professional engineers and workman who knows their work and executes very well.
Aamir ChoudharyAamir Choudhary
03:59 06 Sep 21
Saw various Site in Sobo being done by AWC...They always maintain safety while doing repiar..most imp neat and clean repair site is something which one can applaud