Why is Terrace Waterproofing Important?

All you should know about Terrace Waterproofing!

Terrace Waterproofing explained! 

In the last few years, cities have grown drastically not just horizontally, but vertically too! Nowadays, multi-story apartments have started becoming a norm rather than an exception. In certain cases, demand for such hi-rise apartments is so high that most of them get sold within days of launch!

Most customers prefer the higher floors for the scenic skyline views offered. However, many a time it is seen that the topmost floor, which offers the best views of them all, generally gets sold quite late. This is not because of a premium being charged for such apartments, but because of a fear factor in the potential buyer’s minds.

Most buyers fear that roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing may not be up to the mark and sooner or later, they will experience a seepage problem. Hence, they prefer to settle for the last but one floor! This buyer sentiment is usually seen especially in those cases where the developer’s reputation is questionable.  


Why is roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing so critical?

Roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing plays an important role in the buyer’s decision-making process. This is because it is extremely difficult to contain the seepage once it develops. Also, terrace waterproofing needs to be addressed quite early or else it might lead to not just hygiene issues, but also mar the aesthetic looks of the structure besides making it weak over extended periods.


Why do roofs or terraces develop a leak?

A roof or a terrace forms a critical component of any structure. Its main function is to protect the inhabitants from the elements besides being aesthetically appealing for the observer. Unfortunately, during the construction stage itself or over a while, cracks start developing in the structure. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but the prominent ones are the use of sub-standard terrace waterproofing chemicals or poor workmanship during the construction phase, or inadequate maintenance after the structure is brought into use.

How can we eliminate or minimize the risk of leakage?

As mentioned, the possibility of leakage can be eliminated or reduced drastically by managing the following three things:

  • Using the best quality terrace waterproofing chemicals

If the quality of terrace waterproofing chemicals used or roof waterproofing solutions deployed during the construction phase itself is top-class, then the possibility of leakage can be eliminated completely or atleast reduced to its lowest possible level. When such terrace waterproofing chemicals are added to the concrete then they eliminate the formation of cracks when the concrete is being cured. Good quality terrace waterproofing chemicals can retain this terrace waterproofing capability for a very long time over many seasons.

  • Good quality workmanship

Simply using good quality terrace waterproofing chemicals or adopting the best quality terrace leakage solutions won’t be adequate unless the applicators also do their jobs well! It is the ability of these applicators that determines whether the job has been done right or not. These terrace waterproofing contractors need to have a certain amount of experience before undertaking such a crucial job.

  • Quality of post-construction maintenance

Once the structure is handed over for use, the quality of maintenance also plays a crucial role in determining the chances of leakage. For instance, if algae or small plants are allowed to grow or if the roof/terrace surface is broken for some reason but not restored, then the possibility of leakage increases. Hence, care must be taken to keep the roof/terrace free from any fungi, algae, or even plants and also thoroughly repaired when it is broken for some reason.


What can be done if the roof/terrace has started leaking? 

Stopping the leakage should be treated as a priority job. This is because a leaking roof is not just unhygienic for the inhabitants but also may pose a serious threat to the integrity of the structure in the long run! The following steps must be initiated to restore roof waterproofing or terrace waterproofing.


  • Identify the source of leakage

This may be one of the most difficult of all jobs but also the most critical of them all. Only when the source of the leak is identified, a relevant roof waterproofing solution or terrace waterproofing solution could be adopted.

  • Approach a qualified terrace waterproofing contractor

Usually, a qualified waterproofing contractor can do all jobs right – identifying the source of leakage, choosing an effective roof waterproofing solution or terrace waterproofing solution, and also offering the best workmanship to complete the job.  

  • Maintain the structure after completion

Once the roof waterproofing solution or the terrace waterproofing solution has been deployed, then the structure must be maintained right to ensure that the inhabitants enjoy a leakage-free experience.


As one of India’s leading roof waterproofing companies and also one of the most sought-after terrace waterproofing contractors in Mumbai, Architectural Waterproofing Corporation (AWC) has been at the forefront of providing long-lasting waterproofing for rooftops and devising innovative terrace leakage solutions in India. AWC is known for manufacturing top-quality terrace waterproofing chemicals in its state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to create highly-rated terrace leakage solutions. AWC is also known for employing some of the very well-known experts to man its manufacturing plants and also to train a team of terrace waterproofing contractors across the country.

By controlling the quality at two stages (terrace waterproofing chemicals and terrace waterproofing contractors), AWC can provide long-lasting roof waterproofing solutions and terrace waterproofing solutions.

So if you are eyeing that top-storey apartment that will give you breathtaking views of the city, then you must make sure to reach out to AWC to make sure that you enjoy a leakage-free stay there. At the same time, if you are already facing an issue, make sure to get the help of AWC to eliminate the leakage in your terrace or roof once and for all!

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